A picture of the downtown area in a frame.

Made-to-order Plaques

You Choose

  • Size of board
  • Starting at 5x7
  • Color of board
    Brown, Black, White, Blue, Red
  • Color of metal plate/engraving
    Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Blue/Silver, Red/Silver, Gold/Black, Silver/Black
  • Engraving on plate
    Cost of engraving is included, so you are able to put as much text on the plaque as you want
  • Optional add-ons
    Sublimation, Backer, Sublimated Disk
  • "Corporate" plaques
    Follow the link below to view options​

Board Sizes

5" x 7" $12.95
6" x 8" $14.95
7" x 9" $16.95
8" x 10" $20.95
9" x 12" $22.95
10.5" x 13" $25.95
12" x 15" $29.95

A red plaque with the words " bloomingburg high school " on it.
A picture of the danville varsity basketball team.

Add Ons

Disk & Holder $2.75

size 5x7 thru 7x9
Backer $2.50
Sublimation $3.50

size 8x10 thru 10.5x13

Backer $3.00
Sublimation $5​.00

Corporate and Perpetual Plaques

This link will bring you to a page where you can browse dozens of different plaques that are made with solid American walnut or cherry wood and contain a solid brass engraving plate. Cost is 25% off the listed price.

Browse Themed Medals

Any item chosen from these catalogs are $4.50/each, even the ones labeled 1st, 2nd, 3rd as they are not guaranteed to be stocked in our store.​

Call for availability on styles.

A close up of some gold coins on top of a table

Made-to-order Medals

You Choose

  • Gold, Silver, or Bronze
  • Words for Engraving (included in cost)​
  • Category of medal, see below


  • Stock medals, 1st, 2nd, 3rd $4.50
  • Sublimated disk $5.00
  • Theme Medal $4.50
  • Ribbon Color Request +$0.25/each

Medals normally come with Red, White, Blue ribbon shown below.

Sublimated Disks

2" disks that contain a full color image of customer's choice on front of medal, engraving on back.​

Orders placed with an in-hand date of less than 10 business days will be subject to a Rush Order Fee.