Creating a Spirit Wear Order for Your Team/Club

Customer Must Decide

  • Design/Logo for the order
    • Please keep it to 1 design for silk screen, embroidery, and heat press
    • You may have all 3 combinations in the order, specify screening from heat press.
    • If customer does not have a speciϐic design, we can create one for $30/hour.
    • Customer should provide vector art of chosen design, such as .svg, .eps, or PDF from vector design. If design is sent as PNG, JPG, or other low resolution image, billable artwork hours still apply for us to convert design into vectors
  • Price inflation if using for fundraising purposes
    • We need to know exactly how much you want to increase each price

Pricing & Fees

  • Minimum of 12 pieces, per color, per style required, otherwise a $20 “Less than Minium” fee will incur.
  • First draft of form is free of charge, changes requested may incur more charges.
    • Ex: Adding/Subtracting items/color options will require reformatting and customer will be charged minimum $15
    • Minor changes like pricing and due dates will not be charged.
  • Silk Screening:
    • Final pricing is dependent on total number of items bought, as there are price breaks per item at 24, 48, 96, 144 total items
    • Pricing for silk screening on first draft is based on 12 total pieces ordered, required minimum
  • Embroidery: Pricing based on size/number of stitches
    • No price breaks for higher quantities
  • Heat Press: Pricing based on size/number of colors
    • No price breaks for higher quantities
  • Standard upcharges for 2XL (+$2.50), 3XL (+$3.50) etc. always apply
  • Payment required before production begins

Additional Things to Know

  • We are now offering a completely online storefront that we custom build for each group.
  • Plan for at least a 3-week turnaround after downpayment