Silk Screening

Variables that determine pricing:

New vs Repeat Screen

  • A $25 charge to cut a new screen, screens discarded after 3 years of no use

Number of colors used

  • More colors=more screens and more cycles

Shade of shirt vs Ink

  • When the shirt color is darker than the ink, we need to add a base layer of ink
  • which will slightly increase the price.


  • Price breaks per shirt occur at the following: 24, 48, 96, 144, 300, 600, 1200

*Call for pricing*

Common Charges That May Incur

Design Sent Not In Vectors or no Specific Design Given

If you send concept art that is a JPG, JPEG, or PNG and we need to spend time converting it into vectors, OR you have an idea that we need to create from scratch there is a $30/hour charge.

The preferred file form is .eps, .cdr, or a PDF that was taken from vector art.

We will inform you if your artwork is not useable as is before we begin recreating your design.

Change of Order or Add On

After you have approved the artwork, any additions or subtractions from your order will result in a blanket $15 charge.

If you add shirts to the silk screen after it is already complete, it will count as a new order and not count towards a total quantity price break.

If there are not 12 pieces to add on, we will need to heat press and the price is not guaranteed to be the same.

Please plan for 3 weeks of lead time for silk screening orders. This timeline begins upon confirmation of finalized artwork and size runs. We cannot guarantee delivery within that timeframe and may result in heat pressing.